Refund Policy

WHAT is returnable?

According to Australian Consumer Law, when you purchase goods and services, they come with automatic warranties that will function and perform as requested.

If you purchase a defective item, you have consumer rights.

Under Australian Consumer Law, you can request a repair, replacement, or refund if a product or service fails to satisfy a consumer guarantee. Whether you are entitled to a large or small remedy depends on the severity of the problem.


Consumer protections do not apply if:

You received what you requested but changed your mind, discovered it cheaper elsewhere, or decided you do not like it or have no use.

Misused a product in any way that produced the problem, were aware of or made aware of the problem. You were aware of the flaws before you purchased the product.

Requested a service to be performed in a manner contrary to the advice of the business or were unsure about what you desired.


When must the products be returned?

Australia Coin Services complies with all applicable consumer laws and minimum warranty periods. All other returns must be made within 30 days of the client receiving the item.


Where must the items be returned? 

Once you have confirmed with us that the item must be returned, please send it to the following address:

Australian Coin Services

PO Box 172,

Lawnton QLD 4501,



Refunds & Returns Policy

Stock Items: Per consumer protection regulations, the client may choose between a full refund or store credit if an item is defective or not as described. Changing your mind or a price decline in the market are not valid refund reasons.

The customer must contact us to return a product within 30 days of the receipt. The customer must have taken care with the product with no damage while in the their possession.

Non-Stock Item: A Non-Stock Item had to be specially ordered, i.e., one we do not often stock. A bundle of custom-ordered notes would be an example of a non-stocked item.

We will refund a non-stocked item if it can be resold within 14 days. If the item is resold within 14 days, a refund will be issued less any loss Australian Coin Services has sustained. If the item cannot be resold, there is no reimbursement. To claim a refund on a purchase containing a bonus item, both the original and bonus items must be returned.

Shop credit is available upon confirmation of the returned item, but refunds usually take between 3 and 7 business days to show in your account.


Option to return in-store?

To offer the most competitive costs, (Australia Coin Services) does not have a physical storefront. Please contact us for a by a appointment only meeting at our drop off/collection centre.


Packaging? (Australia Coin Services) stipulates that the item must be returned in its original packaging.

The original shipping packing is not required for reshipping but can be reused.

If the original packing is missing or damaged, a fee may be deducted from the refund amount to offset the expense.